Bentein Men Masr
Bentein Men Masr 2010
In a male dominated society like Egypt, women are harshly judged. They are denied the right to explore their sexuality....
Asafeer El Nile ( subtitled )
Asafeer El Nile ( subtitled ) 2010
A journey into a society deprived of its middle class...
Rasayel El Bahr
Rasayel El Bahr 2010
Alexandria, the cosmopolitan city on the northern shore of Egypt, was once home to a multi-cultural society...
Heliopolis 2010
Five Stories, Three religions ... in one suburb .. One day.
Ahasis 2010
Different models of sexual marital problems are featured in this drama.
Kalemni Shokran
Kalemni Shokran 2010
Ibrahim Toshkee, a non-talented wanna be actor; when he fails to realize his dream of becoming one, he utilizes his wits into coning people....
Walad Wa Bent
Walad Wa Bent 2010
A romance full of emotions, adventure and humor, the love of a lifetime is what the film is about. But between this boy and this girl....
El Thalatha yasht3'lonaha
El Thalatha yasht3'lonaha 2010
One girl facing three men at the same time, they are all trying to exploit her...
My Bloody Valentine (3D)
My Bloody Valentine (3D) 2010
On January 16, Get Your Heart Broken.
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