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Amir El Behar
Amir El Behar
Release Date 2009
Director Wael Ehssan
Scriptwriter Yousif Ma'aty
Genre Comedy
Distributor Al Arabia Cinema
Amir Nour el Din el Bahr is a spoilt young man who has been studying in the Navy Academy for the past 12 years. Amir is in love with his next door neighbor who treats him as a brother yet he manages to make her fall in love with him after being kidnapped by pirates and going through lots of adventures.
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Amir El Behar
Mohamed Henidi
shireen adel
Yasser Galal
Lotfy Labib
Maha Abou Ouf
Hossam Dagher
D.O.P Ihab Mohamed Aly
Editor Moataz El katteb
Music Composer Raad Khalaf
Head Of Production Emad Mourad
Sound Engineer Mohamed Hassib
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